Leviathan Nutrition TUDCA

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May Assist With:
-Healthy Liver Function
-Insulin Sensitivity


Every lot of TUDCA is 3rd Party Tested for both Finished Product and Raw Material - See images for latest test results!


TUDCA is a hydrophillic bile acid produced naturally and synthetically. It is UDCA (An FDA approved drug in the United states for the treatment of liver cirrhosis) with a taurine molecule attached which improves bioavailability.

-How does TUDCA protect against cholestasis of the liver? 
Cholestasis is the accumulation of hydrophobic bile acids in the liver. Introducing TUDCA will cause hydrophobic bile acids in the liver to compete antagonistically with the hydrophillic bile acid TUDCA.

-Other benefits?
Aids in digestion of fats, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates. Prevents cell death by inhibition of protein unfolding in the endoplasmic reticulum.
Has shown promise in increasing insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle and liver by enhancing protein folding in the endoplasmic reticulum.

-Is it safe?
Studies demonstrate use of 1500 mg TUDCA daily for 6 months without any adverse effects.


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