Total Health & Stress Support Stack

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This stack includes: VIZURE + IRE + TUDCA

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WHAT DOES THIS STACK DO?     This stack is for those who are looking to cover all their bases for healthy organ function, additional liver benefits, as well as controlling cortisol and supporting the nervous system. This stack will be most effective for keeping bloodwork in check and combating mental and physical fatigue.

HOW ARE THESE PRODUCTS USED TOGETHER?     These products should be taken together at the same doses as taking the products alone.  Ire should be split into 3 capsules twice per day, Vizure 2 to 4 capsules twice per day, and tudca taken 1 to 2 capsules twice to three times per day.

DO TAKING THESE PRODUCTS TOGETHER IMPROVE RESULTS?     These products were designed to be taken together and with consistent daily use will have a synergistic effect. The ingredients in IRE can also improve liver function in a different way than tudca, and can also assist in the function of the adaptogens present in Vizure by acting as 'Adaptogen Companions', enhancing their effects.

Stacking these products together helps with:
-Total Organ Health
-Total Immune System support
-Cortisol control
-Improved Endurance