Physical & Cognitive Performance Stack (VIZURE + ZENITH)

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This stack is for those who are looking to improve short term energy and focus as well as improve long term memory, brain function, and hormone balance.

HOW ARE THESE PRODUCTS USED TOGETHER?     These products should be taken together at the same doses as taking the products alone.  Zenith should be split into 4 to 6 capsules 1 to 2x per day, and Vizure taken 4 to 8 capsules per day.

DO TAKING THESE PRODUCTS TOGETHER IMPROVE RESULTS?     These products were designed to be taken together and with consistent daily use will have a synergistic effect. The ingredients in Zenith can also improve long term brain health and memory by stimulating nerve growth factor and improve mood, while Vizure also offers benefits in short term by controlling cortisol and stimulating the nervous system.

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Stacking these products provides benefits such as:
-Improved alertness
-Improved focus & cognitive performance
-Improved physical and mental stamina
-Improved mood
-Improved sex drive