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*VIDEO SERIES: Leviathan GI Support - Ingredient Education!*


  •  WHAT DOES GI SUPPORT DO?    GI SUPPORT is a unique formula of digestive products supplying prebiotics and other ingredients that focus on fixing underlying issues that cause digestive problems. By addressing these points, GI SUPPORT is able to improve digestion by making sure the gut is producing digestive enzymes and has a proper microbiota, which are major reasons digestive issues begin in the first place. Rather than relying on taking digestive enzymes which over time cause a reliance and further complicate digestion, GI SUPPORT aims to fix these problems from the start.

  • WHO IS THIS PRODUCT FOR?    This product is for anyone looking to maintain healthy digestive function and increase nutrient absorption. Anyone who experiences symptoms like gas, bloating, stomach discomfort, or problems digesting some meals.

  • WHEN WILL I SEE RESULTS?    Improvements in overall well being, less bloating and better digestive function may be noticed within a couple days of use, while addressing bigger issues such as healing intestinal lining, increasing mucus production, and having more consistent levels of butyrate may take a little longer.

  • HOW MUCH/HOW OFTEN SHOULD I TAKE?    This product should be taken every day, 2 capsules two to three times per day with meals.

May Assist with:
- Digestion
- Gut & GI Health
- Reducing Heartburn
- Healthy Gut Microbiota
- Immune System Health
- Leaky Gut
- Gas & Bloating

Features per serving:

-6mg Zinc: This ingredient comes from the Zinc L-Carnosine, Zinc plays a key role in maintaining the health and repair of epithelial tissue.

- 825mg Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL): Relieves symptoms of functional dyspepsia, heartburn, and can help treat ulcers. DGL stimulates healing of damaged membranes by: increasing blood supply to damaged mucosa, increasing cells that produce mucus to protect the mucus membrane, increasing mucus production, and increasing intestinal cell lifespan. DGL can also be effective at eliminating the bad bacteria - H. pylori in the gut.

-400mg Tributyrin powder: Tributyrin is a pro-drug of butyrate (butyric acid), and has much higher bioavailability. Butyrate is the short chain fatty acid present in the largest amount when you consume dietary fiber and is the main fuel source for cells in the colon and has anti-inflammatory benefits for the gut. Proper levels of butyrate in the small intestine is one of the major factors behind a healthy, well functioning digestive system.


-25mg Zinc-L-Carnosine (PepZinGI): Beneficial in restoring gastric lining and healing parts of the GI tract. Has use for gastric ulcers and upper GI conditions.

Combining Zinc and Carnosine in this complex increases the absorption of Zinc due to its solubility and also delivers zinc to tissues in a time-released manner. In general, conditions related to damaged epithelial cells could benefit by Zinc-L-Carnosine supplementation. 


-15mg -Astragin: Astragin aids in the absorption of other ingredients, and also has some research behind it showing an improvement in healthy gut lining and tight junction functioning, which can reduce intestinal inflammation responsible for symptoms like stomach discomfort and bloating.


-5mg PreforPro: A bacteriophage that has been shown to selectively reduce undesirable microorganism populations such as E.coli, without disrupting the gut microbiota. PreforPro can be used more precisely to modify the gut microbiota by specifically reducing only select types of bad bacteria instead of the use of conventional antibiotics which disturb overall gut microbiota.